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In the The Voice of Nature , he acted as the unofficial leader of the group. It was later solved after Stella turned back from her three-year-old state, due from an age-changing spell she was attracted to. He apparently does not see her as a monster because of some magic cast by Flora allowing him to only see Stella s inner beauty. In Season 1, he introduced himself as Prince Sky but his lie is later admitted, and continued to go by his real name, Brandon. However, months later, both Stella and Bloom found out that Sky and Brandon had deceived them during the Day of the Royals when Bloom accused Sky s fiancée, Diaspro, of secretly being Icy in disguise. In The Flying School , Brandon and the rest of the Specialists were at Linphea College training with the Paladins and when the Winx arrived, Stella yelled extremely loud in order to notify Brandon of their arrival. From the official Winx Club website (2008), Brandon s hobbies are climbing and he likes to work with engines. Specials Brandon does not switch identities with Sky like he did in both of 4Kids and Cinélume versions. During a fight, Brandon fell off a cliff and Stella jumped after him, forgetting her powers did not work. Add a photo to this gallery He wears a dark blue vest with a red rose near the left chest. Before they faced reconciled Gargantua and finally have their real date. Stella is still bothered every time she sees Mitzi openly flirting with Brandon. Later he uses them to try to trap the Winx girls by imbuing copies of them with the Spell of the Elements. In Season 1, he switched identities so Sky could assume a normal life and diverge the threats from Yoshinoya. When Selina summoned the Treants to attack the college, Brandon was there with the others trying their best to defend the school but failed and all were forced to return to Alfea in order to train some more brandon buddy. She kisses him on the cheek as she leaves, and Stella saw this. In Inspiration of Sirenix , a party was being held in Domino to welcome the return of a corporal Daphne brandon buddy. While there, Princess Amentia fell in love with Brandon because of his perfectly symmetrical features and decided to marry him.

He has short dark brown hair with bangs angled sharply towards his right eye. Brandon and his friends arrived and were greeted by Bloom and Daphne, unfortunately for him, his cape was tangled when Daphne tripped on the stairs. Stella panics later when she has not heard from him in a while. He is caring and a very gentle, kind spirited guy. Prior to the beginning, Brandon was Sky s squire and best friend but they traded names so that Sky could lead a more normal school experience, and be safe from Yoshinoya, as revealed in Season 2. Add a photo to this gallery He and the rest of the Specialists appear to defeat the Ancestral Witches with Oritel. However, after he begins dating Stella, he proves himself to be extremely loyal and would never cheat on her. Before being forced to marry Amentia, it was revealed Brandon had been flirting with girls since his pre-teen years. They were later found by Sponsus, and they were still holding hands. Brandon had once flirted with seventeen fairies and twelve witches, totaling 29 girls in one day. Brandon is also an incorrigible flirt, as was shown in The Show Must Go On. Brandon later repairs his relationship with Stella after a guilty Shilly uses the antidote on him to see if he truly came to love her. Add a photo to this gallery Personality Brandon is the fun-loving, hot and a hunky boyfriend of Stella. He also helped defend Domino against the Beast of the Depths the Trix had summoned. He was sent with Sky to Red Fountain for both education and to act as Sky s personal bodyguard. Brandon and Stella have a generally good relationship throughout the beginning of Season 5. Brandon at his first appearance was 16 but Stella was 17 years old of age which means that Stella might be older than Brandon. Stella misunderstood the situation and immediately concluded that Brandon was going out with another girl.

Being Sky s best friend, Brandon was compelled to stay behind and try helping Sky. It is unknown if Brandon was proposing to Stella or not. Even though Brandon may be a flirt, he loves Stella, and even maybe little overprotective of her when she gets a little carried away flirting with other guys.sites de rencontre paris.
. After that Stella was possessed by the magic mirror and tries to ally with Darcy, Brandon comes and Stella launches attacks which make his gun fly in the air and hit the mirror. The mirror falls down to the ground and shatters breaking the spell off of Stella. Add a photo to this gallery Brandon does not appear much in this special, but he does tell Sky to tell Bloom the real truth. You can help Winx Club Wiki by expanding it. This also makes Brandon the only one out of the Specialists to date a witch as he is dating a member of the Winx Club. Mitzi sees Brandon and instantly wants him as her own. This was under a blue sweater vest paired with green plaid pants and brown dress shoes. The WinxBrandon is Sky s squire and bodyguard, a great swordsman and his best friend. Valtor, after being freed, attacks the Specialists and kidnaps them. When Stella regains the crown, Brandon is still angry with Stella because of what happened and she is depressed but later reconciled with a party and even more decides not to be queen. In Season 1, Brandon wore a white dress shirt with a red ascot. Brandon admits that Mitzi is starting to follow him around and always trying to get his attention. He is later released by Sky after he comes to his senses. He excels in sports and enjoys working on his motor bike. .

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